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Friday, January 24, 2014

Find out what really Social Media is all about:

By Argi Griego   Posted at  2:12 AM   1 comment

Let´s see the real definition of what Social Media is:

There are lots of ways to "define" what Social Media is, but is good to REALLY know what is, in spite of the working knowledge you might have.

Social Media is all about sharing, news, video, audio, pictures with people in your network. Typically we share with people we know and who are into our list, and network. There is always the chance to be people who are interested in you and want to know more about you.
By doing this, you become each day more discoverable. Mainly because your friends or people you are connected with re share your content.
Each time they LIKE, give a +1 or put your content to their timeline, this content exposed to new people.
Think it of like a party into a friends house... You go there in order to socialize with people. People with whom you got common interests. You do not want to be like the one who is standing on the corner, and shouts all over, just to make sure, he gets the attention. By making LOT of noise you turn people OFF.
This is the easy way, and most forgetable one, as when you really open your mouth to speak, you need to be genuine, and what you say must have a meaning.
There is always people who are shy, or prefer to be only active social listeners. Still those people once in a while need to participate and discuss, share an opinion.

Social networking is a perfect way to keep in touch with colleagues and friends, and to make new friends, perhaps create great recommendations and finally come out as a great professional with originality through your contents.

Featured sites for Social Networking:

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Photo contest for FREE - Myths can become TRUE. See how!

By Argi Griego   Posted at  8:12 AM   No comments

It has been a while, since my friend Pablo asked me to create a Photo contest for his page.

Not a hard thing to do, still i had restrictions, like no money to buy online products online.

I did my research and i realized that there are plenty of platforms online, who offer, FREE Photo contest.
The truth is that, all of them, DO offer free services, still not a Photo contest.
Perhaps i am wrong, if so, please let me know through comments.

So, in our case, i decided to use Greek mythology and the Trojan horse. Something inside something…
Was not an easy case, and I found out that YES it is not a myth, but can happen EASY and efficient.
All we need in order to have a Photo contest, is a Pinterest account, a Facebook Pinterest application tab, and we will use the FREE Woobox services, and Pinterest tab they have.
Here we create a new Pinterest board

I create a new board to my Pinterest account and I name it Photo contest.
I go to my Facebook page and I install Pinterest application. It shall be seen to the tabs, under the timeline of the page.

I enter with my Facebook account into Woobox, and asks me to run the pages I admin.. I press yes.
On left menu, I adjust the Pinterest tab, how i need it. In the line of account, I copy and paste the URL of my Pinterest account.
Then, I am asked to copy and paste the URL of the board I created.

Afterwards, I am asked if I want to put the small icons of LIKE SHARE AND PIN. I check on ALL of them.
So, I now go to Facebook
I go to the tabs, and see the image of Pinterest.
I push it and enter. There we go.

A FREE Photo contest with combination of 2 favorite pages, Facebook and Pinterest.

Who says FREE Photo contests are a myth. They are REAL!
Enjoy and Like or Share my article. In any case I would love to hear from you, suggestions, comments and if you try it, share it to my personal Facebook page. I would love to see it from your part.

Till the next article. Take good care and always smile.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


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Friday, January 3, 2014


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